Tuesday, June 13, 2006
The New breed of first East African Ladies
It is not a shock to see the Kenyan first lady Lucy Kibaki intention to vie for MP in the coming 2007 election. We thank God she did not claim she was sent and anointed by God like the way the Uganda’s first lady Janet Museveni said she had been sent to stand for Ruhama constituency.

It was just few days back that ‘Prophetess’ Janet Museveni said that the Husband Yoweri kaguta is a saviour sent by God to liberate Ugandans. Later, FDC’s Anne Mugisha replied Mama Janet saying the spirit of the lord had spoken to her to give a prophecy of doom that Janet’s were false and that her husband’s regime is destined to crumble.

The declaration by Lucy Kibaki, that President Kibaki is the one who has taught her politics was a fair answer to every ear. It is clear that she is utilizing the small chances granted by the President to push her interests…According to the East African Standard (Thursday January 19, 2006) “The First Lady had been invited by President Kibaki to greet the crowd when she made the announcement.” That she will be standing for a position.

It has been so common for the first Kenyan lady clashing with the state house officials, government officials and even journalists. The big wonder is how she is going to manage the colleagues “MP’s” in case she will be in parliament.This has shown clearly that she got no defined role in the Kenyan constitution as a first lady. Mother figures of the nation, is what the public expected out of her. How will she handle the two if she is the first lady at the same time a Member of Parliament?Lucy Kibaki has the right to stand for MP anyway but are we making a dynasty in Kenya? There is high doubt if she is going to sail through to parliament as the way some Ugandans doubt Janet Museveni going to Parliament 2006.

The small knowledge existing points the first ladies to more of community work and an opportunity for service to the less fortunate other than political role. Which heart will the first ladies have for the needy if they venture in politics?Just to note some good examples for these East African first ladies to emulate is Mary Todd Lincoln who spent hours visiting with wounded Civil War soldiers, Lucy Webb Hayes who deeply touched the nation with her compassion for the poor and less privileged and Edith Roosevelt sewed for the needy.

It is true Janet Kataaha Museveni holds a Bachelors of Education degree from Makerere University and a Diploma in Early Childhood Development from Sweden and She has been engaging her self in social development programs. Lucy Muthoni Kibaki has her academic qualifications that are good too and she has made sure projects like Starehe Girls come up. This does not flag them to think they have done enough in terms of serving the needy so they should switch to politics.

Janet and Lucy are Professional teachers they should follow the path of Grace Coolidge who taught the deaf and Eleanor Roosevelt, used their positions to speak out for peace, justice, equality for women and "the needs of the common people". There are many orphanages if Janet and Lucy care.Lets not blame Lucy Kibaki and Janet Museveni, may be they have sensed that their husbands might not be coming back to the state houses. But Museveni might win for the case Uganda as the political situation reads.

The East Africans are waiting to see what the move from Tanzanian first lady Salma Kikwete, if she will maintain the role of the first lady or divert to political spearheadism.

The advice is to be like Rodham Clinton, who became a senator after Clinton’s exit from the White house.
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  • At 4:06 AM, Anonymous magu

    the behaviour of east african ladies is asign of people trying to get authority for the case of kibaki is she is trying to show that she has a say in kenyan politics since the president of kenya is maried to many wives she wants her position guaranteed

  • At 5:24 AM, Blogger Whispering Inn

    What are Lucy Muthoni Kibaki's "good" academic qualifications and how has she "made sure projects like Starehe Girls come up" as you put it?