Monday, July 24, 2006
The man from the Lake?
Retired President Daniel arap Moi, while refering to Kenya's fiery Politician, Raila Odinga, recently told the Kenyan The Standard : “ That’s the true character of the man from the lake”.

This was a reactionary comment from Moi, related to the launch of Raila Odinga’s Biography that was written by a Nigerian writer Dr Babafemi Badejo.

The book, Enigma of Kenya Politics promulgates the involvement of Raila Odinga in the abortive coup in Kenya in 1982.

The key occasions involves the raid of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation where by Leonard Mambo Mbotela was forced to announce that the army was in control of the nation. The six-hour rule led to rape of women and deaths across the country.

The unfinished coup-drama propelled the flight of army officers and civilians especially the elites/academicians, declared accomplices by the then government.

The fugitives included the alleged coup leader John Steven Ochieng Amoke alias Brigadier John Odongo who later died a miserable death in Kinshasa DRC. Odongo who was claimed to be the February Eighteenth Revolutionary Army (FERA) leader did not draw condolences from even the people he associated with in Kenya.

After the coup attempt 12 people were hanged including Hezekiah Rabala Ochuka (alias Awour), a former senior private in the Kenya Air Force and Oteyo Okumu who were executed later in 1987.

Today, some people feel that, Raila Odinga might have made a mistake, to get his biography published, but this might not be true, because Raila Odinga promises to publish another book at the end of this year and he further centers his arguments on the intellectual milieu.

The churches too have been fast to comment on this issues, some think that Raila is repentant and he should be forgiven while other preachers feel it is proper for the law to take its course not forgetting those who have reserved their comments until they read Enigma of Kenya politics is consulted.

The learned friends like Kamau Kuria feels that the prosecution will lack inadequate evidence to further the case but Justice Minister Martha Karua feels Raila should appear before the courts of Law. Funny enough Attorney General Amos Wako has silenced all the conflicting parties. Wako argues that legally, prosecuting Odinga for treason is nothing short of a quagmire.

It is obvious that what drove Raila to resolve for a coup, is the one party politics that was spearheaded by Daniel arap Moi. The constitution and the political will suffocated the freedom of divergent political ideas.

If Raila was to appear before the courts today, the Law would have taken its course excellently, if the judiciary is made more independent from any political distortions or intentions.

In my view the revival of the failed 1982 putsch is a red herring designed to divert the attention of the Kenyan Citizenry from the Armenian Saga, Goldenberg, Anglo- Leasing and others.

The public should therefore ask themselves if leaders in Kenya today, have been able to enlighten the citizens of their past mistakes. The Ex-president Moi and his government and the current government are not speaking the mistakes they have made except trying to walk right in darkness. But for how long will they keep in walk clean? The truth is catching up with them.
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Monday, July 10, 2006
M7 moves
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