Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Are we common in the Commonwealth?
CHOGM in Uganda has been the song to almost every one. For those people who don’t want such issues have nothing to do, but to hear and forcefully be informed after all they depend on press for information that hardly misses CHOGM.

If some try to be traditional to depend on the word of mouth, they can’t miss people who tell them about the event that is to happen that has done Uganda proud.

For those who might not know about CHOGM, I let them know that CHOGM stands for Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

This Monday, President Yoweri Museveni officiated the Commonwealth day that is market every second Monday of March annualy. The big occasion attracted the Excellencies from the embassies and high commissions not forgetting the common citizens who were the majority.

Three things that were to be achieved included the launch of CHOGM logo and its website and also listen to message from Her majesty the queen of England. But now I can say that Museveni’s speech was the fourth thing that was vital and very interesting.

He emphasized that Africa has to rededicate itself and consolidate itself to oneness on matter concerning development. He elaborated his point by presenting a case of Europe to have undergone through metamorphosis, from feudal status to middle class and later industrialized.

But the only trouble that hit me was when he suggested that the most developed commonwealth nations to develop infrastructure for the underdeveloped Commonwealth nations. But how can that happen amidst the chains of aid and debt servicing.

Is there a way that developed nations in the commonwealth can do something for nothing or at an equal level of exchange from the underdeveloped nations in the commonwealth?

By the way are we common to ourselves in the Commonwealth?
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