Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Egg eating Valentine Day

February 14, 2008, Nairobi, Kenya – This morning was nothing close to a Valentine Day. A phone call from Babz, a great friend, woke me at 10:40am. He wanted us to sort out something, and not to buy the red roses.

This is one of the Sabbaths this year that got me unaware that I should be at Church. By the way, most of my clothes are dirty and pilled in a corner near the bathroom. God forgive me for my laziness and please energize me more than what Lucozade drink can offer.

Quickly, I brushed my teeth, dressed and went down to room 3 – Babz's room. He jumped out of bed when he heard me and we headed to Sticky's room, just a block away so that he can take a shower.

It is the first time this year for the taps to run dry in Roysambu, a suburb neighbouring Kasarani Stadium and Moi Sports Centre. Possibly the water shortage is because of a rental house construction nearby.

Sticky's taps were only much drier. We stormed out together and later left him and D'mosh at our gate munching eggs. Our stroll back from M-Pesa Kiosk (M-Pesa is a money transfer by a local phone company) to send some coins somewhere, got D'mosh and Sticky at egg number 7.

We sat for egg eating contest. Each was handed an egg sand-witched with a concoction of slices of Onions, Tomatoes and Dania with a pinch of salt at a time.

With all the cheering and disses, it ended with Sticky and D'mosh tanking 8 eggs each, Baiba and I, were equals with only 7. Babz and I still stamp our feet for the next contest. I know we will win... Possibly a record of 30 eggs in case the boiled eggs vendor come with better stock and finds our pockets without holes.

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