Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Egypt in the US weapon deal
“Yes we need it,” was the cheer heard from governments like Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt – Africa’s most civilised nation. These nations are to receive billions from United States of America to empower their military muscle.

Israel gets the biggest bite of the cake $30 billion dollars, Egypt pockets $13 billion and Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and UAE – share $20 billions. The monies are to sharpen the teeth of Egypt against Iran, Syria and militant groups like Hezbollah.

In the recent past, Iran has been stiff-necked in abandoning her nuclear program. Also it has supported Syria, Hezbollah and other Shia groups in the Middle East.

"There isn't a doubt, I think, that Iran constitutes the single most important, single-country challenge to... US interests in the Middle East and to the kind of Middle East that we want to see," said Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State.

Why Egypt?
Egypt is well-positioned facing Israel and Gaza on the East, borders Libya on the West and has Isthmus of Suez that links Africa and Asia. This eases accessibility to these countries.

With the permanent headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo, Egypt plays a ‘Father’ role in the league. It commands respect from all members that includes: Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and so on.

In the international relations, Egypt has scored well. It can be noted that Egypt was the first Arab nation to establish diplomatic relations with Israel and been instrumental in negotiation of peace in most nations in the Middle East. The most recent is the Israel – Palestine conflict that seems never ending.

Historically, Egypt has developed military might and has modernised her military by acquiring sophisticated warplanes, warships and artillery. This makes it ahead of many African nations and the Arab world. It sends a chill to other nations that might think fight it.

Is all set? With the nuclear programs in some of the Eastern nations like Iran that threaten even the World-super-power America, Is Egypt building her nuclear defence system? Or is it what America is to do for her? Anyway is there a remedy to nuclear bombing?

Before I ask where Egypt is going to purchase the weapons and which weapons are they going purchase. It is wise to know if Egypt needs these weapons. Is USA doing this as a result of opposition from Russia to the nuclear defence systems and shields in Europe?

Weapons or no weapons?
There will be a twist on how Africa and Arab nations view Egypt. Doubts will intensify mainly from the Arab League, if Egypt is a brother or a betrayer. In Africa, how will the ‘brotherhood’ in Egypt and Libya react to Hosni Mubarak’s weapon deal?

Yes, Egypt has to develop her military might with reasons best known to her. Why cant it concentrate on diplomacy and dialogue to root out terrorism. Military strength has already failed in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Siera Leone and Ivory Coast.

Diplomacy softens the mind, weaponry hardens it.
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Thursday, July 05, 2007
Rewrite this text

In one of my walks in Kampala City, Uganda, I came across the above signpost just beside a gate of one of the companies.

I failed to comprehend, the last message on the signpost though inquiries confirmed that it was in kiswahili language.

Please, help me interpret the 3rd message or re-write it in Kiswahili.
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