Monday, January 29, 2007
Kisiki under police discipline
I thank Yahweh that my Thursday morning was fine compared to Tuesday and Wednesday that dished headache and stomach ache restricting my smile.

A dry and less windy day promised much. Radioh downed his head on editing videos while Ivy made sure that some germane tracks were getting done. My hands also could not let me relax even when I felt not like doing some computer graphic designing.

The evening came and by 7:30pm we had to sign out from office. Ivy took the road towards the University main gate and Radioh took the Arts route.

“Goodnight Ivy, Radioh!! Good night!!” I said as my legs started accelerating towards the Senate building road.

On my way to my hood, as I pass through the swimming pool road, Livingstone and Faculty Veterinary, I had to sing some famous gospel songs just to bless the Lord and twist my voice to hit best chords… may be to become your best vocalist…ha.

When I reached the Makerere Veterinary gate I saw two ladies standing but beside them I saw a man talking to them so I didn’t mind… “Peoples business, hands off. ” Little did I know that I would be the next person to be grilled.

“Hallo” (the man said as he moved closer)

So I stopped and I also tried to figure out who the person was. Looking keenly, I was able to tell that he was a Police Officer because of the Kalashnikov he carried and the Black beret he wore. I had to relax because what I knew was where the policemen were peace prevailed.

“Who are you?” the policeman asked.

“I am a human being,” I answered.

The officer pushed me to the edge of the gate and ordered me to sit down on that muddy floor. I didn’t know that I had made a wake dog to bite this time.
As the ladies were trying to fidget their way out by calling there boyfriends to come and rescue them, I sat and tried to reflect upon what might have led to my sitting.

“Anyway, the question was, who are you? But what might have been the right answer? …am a human being, am student, am a Kampalan, am Kisiki…”

On checking my watch, 2 hours had elapsed the Police officer quizzing all passers-bys and I seated, yet it was getting more colder. The Police officer shouted “Ssebo (Mr.) be removing your shirt am coming.” I ignored his order and I did not remove the shirt because what I had “done” did not equate removing the shirt and why?

He moved closer and started telling me how I had undermined him before the ladies he was interrogating. He went farther and narrated that he was a Christian and he is educated. He even gave me an example of his priest he nabbed one time because of disobeying the law.

“But what have I done, officer?” I asked.

“ You disrespected me, you think this is not work that am doing. I think you have a problem. I hope you inquire from your colleagues from Lumumba Hall how bad I am, you wouldn’t have answered me that way…am a human being…the answer was just simple…giving me your name.” He said.

I begged him to let me go and he granted me permission after noting my name and student’s number in his tattered notebook. He promised to report me to the Academic Register for indiscipline.

I thanked him and moved. Up to today I ask my self, which answer is correct or appropriate to a question, “who are you?”
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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Saddam Hanged; who is next?
The former Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein was hanged in Baghdad following his conviction
last month for crimes against humanity.

On a Saturday morning a few minutes after 6:00am the former Iraqi President dies while being teased by Iraqi officials present in the chamber. This was the same day when Moslem communities were commemorating Idd Aduha that marks the end of Hajj pilgrimage.

Saddam is blamed for killing 148 Iraqis 1982, in which is referred to as Dujail massacre and use of chemical weapons to kill thousands of Kurds in Halabja in 1988.

It is believed that Saddam Hussein was a puppet to the US government, Reagan’s regime to fight Shah’s regime in Iran, in 1980’s. Counterpunch reveal that, US intelligence and logistical support played a crucial role in assisting Iraqi defenses in their efforts to resist "human wave" attacks by suicidal Iranian troops. Both the Reagan and Bush administrations authorized the sale to Iraq of various items that had both military and civilian applications, i.e., chemical and biological weapons.

The Iraq's report to the
UN, mentions the companies that supplied chemical weapons used in Halabja Massacre to be from USA, West Germany, United Kingdom, China, France, Singapore, Netherlands, Egypt, India and United Arab Emirates.

Nothing so far has been done to see that companies and governments that supplied the chemicals to advance the Halabja massacre are brought to books.

This raises questions of why Saddam execution was done in a hurry. Did it have political dimensions and cover-up intentions of the involvement of the US and its allies in supporting Saddam’s regime at one point?

Who is next?
The next person to be hanged is yet to be mentioned. The direction the gallow is taking remains uncertain. It might be your current president or former president.

The current governments have to learn that democracy does not mean killing their former presidents. Reconciliation path seems the best in healing the past wounds. The present Iraq government would have borrowed an example from is South Africa, where reconciliation process chaired by Desmond Tutu was able to bring out the truth about apartheid. And now we have Rwanda that is dealing with 1994 genocide perpetrators through its 'Gacaca' courts.

Iraq government having Saddam Hussein in their hands was was great opportunity for it to dig out every simple truth of his regime but the idea of killing him became what "they" wanted. Life sentence would have been the best.

But does the killing Saddam Hussein narrow the rift between the Sunni Moslems and Shia Moslems or lessen the insecurity in Iraq and Middle East?

As I pen off, was Saddam Hussein the weapon of mass destruction US and Britain went to get in Iraq?

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Monday, January 01, 2007
A Solo New Year
The New Year 2007 crept into 2006 and pushed it aside. It sounded normal and no change to things.

The jubilations and fireworks through the windowpanes could not leave my small room silent. I was shocked by one firework that banged hard and forced me to jump out of my bed, “Ohh Happy new year is hear,” I shouted.

In the center I was shaking off my 2006 at least in style and alone.

My joy was reduced suddenly by cold-flu that restricted me from going out the room to see the skies be lightened by the fireworks. One of the handkerchiefs was damn had to keep indoors as a control measure of my flu.

So, I laid back in my bed slowly and popped my eyes towards my room’s bulb as my face radiates with a smile. A thought came, “Happy new year Kisiki, you have come a long way and you still have a long way, happy New Year”

I feel this New Year got me when I was not in good health but I feel it is ordinary like any other. The reason being I don’t want to make any resolutions since the ones I have are long-term ones.

Happy New Year to you all.
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