Saturday, December 20, 2008
Kenya's media 2008

The Media in Kenya began the year sank into an ethical dilemma - haggling on what, and how to report - a disputed presidential vote. An explosion of frustration and unrest. The disturbance degenerated into bedlam and bloodshed between ethnic groups. The “opposition” supporters hit the “ruling” supporters, vise versa. Where was their nationalism?   

Televisions splashed pictures of youth (attackers) using everything from clubs and machetes to bows and arrows, while the radios pricked the ears with the mayhem. The media thumbed hard in reflecting the tense situation [shattered confidence in the government of the day] - a position later barred by the government calling for responsible reporting. 

Kenya’s “acclaimed” professional media in the region unfairly covered the turmoil that claimed close to 2000 people killed and more than a quarter million people seeking refugee after being driven from their homes. A few media housed (pathways) censored the content to quell the violence, very vital information on gross and systematic abuse of human rights remained blur.

 At a point, political inadequacies propelled an editorial answer – sharing a headline, ‘SAVE OUR NATION,’ that drew Kenyans back to their senses.

 After the formation of the government of national unity, the media fell in love again with parties thus subjecting minimal pressure in attaining substantial development and accountability.

 This last month of the year, December, journalists made more news fighting against legislators refusing their allowances to be taxed, and the avenging media bill that they referred to as draconian. 

Nonetheless, the media still fights and its news hugely shoulders political drama and trickery.

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Monday, December 15, 2008
Media bill, a revenge?
Now it is clear why the Kenyan legislators rushed to pass the Media Bill, without proper analysis.

The Standard Newspaper reports, “an Assistant Minister admitted that MPs passed the Bill to revenge what they saw as media persistence for lawmakers pay tax on their allowances.”

True, this is one of the most absurd acts this year from the Kenyan legislators.

If revenge would be the code of operation in this nation, what will happen to morallity? How many Bills have been passed out of revenge???

Download the Bill in pdf.
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Urban Fest

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