Sunday, November 30, 2008
World Aids Day '08: Encouragement to test
It is the 20th commemoration of the World Aids Day, a day when individuals,
organisations and governments, revisit and re-echo the fight against the

This day dawns, as the Kenyan government say that 80 percent of its
population is not tested, and more than a million infected Kenyans are
unaware that they HIV-positive.

But how is Kenya and the world to ensure that its citizens test
undiscriminatively to curb the disease?

Universal testing for HIV/AIDS seem a better decision, but legal, or ethical
battles are unconsidered so far.

Last year, this blog called for prosecution of swindlers of HIV/AIDS
funding. To date, the prosecutions in East African region are still slow and

We also think of the one of the heroes, Philly Bongole Lutaya, the first
Ugandan and African musician to declare he was infected with HIV/AIDS. His
action not only encouraged many Ugandans to run for the test, but also
gave/still give hope to the infected and affected.

A step to test today, is an encouragement to others, for the better of us

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The Ivory Post: A Blog idea turned Newspaper

It has existed for almost two years, and it intends to go beyond to cover its constituency – Makerere University.

The Ivory Post blog idea turned a newspaper, is a students’ initiative devotes to churn news from one of the oldest universities in the world.

Its slogan is The voice of young journalists and it remains to be the leading online university newspaper in the region... Check it

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Waki "song" report
When the Waki report is mentioned in the Kenyan media, it is about politicians' conflict over
its implementation.

Today, the politicians that once opposed its implementation and called it
all sorts of names –"neo-colonial, useless, shoddy or divisive" are
now bothered of whether their names are inked in the sealed Waki envelope
handed to chief mediator, Kofi Annan.

Politicians that support the implementation are standing firm and
sarcastically describing how visas and air tickets can be acquired to The
Hague, or how easy it is to carry porridge and pieces of bread to Kamiti
Maximum Prison in Nairobi compared to the Netherlands.

The Standard newspaper reported that President Kibaki, Head of Civil Service
Francis Muthaura and senior security officers met last week to discuss the
modalities of establishing the special court/tribunal.

It goes ahead to say that, local key leaders want a special tribunal
modelled on the International Criminal Court, but manned by local judges -
just to reduce foreign participation as proposed by Justice Phillip Waki.

Are politicians now confident of the Kenya's judiciary? Or, have they
forgotten that ICC will be handy in the local tribunal?

Last week, opinion polls indicated that majority of Kenyans want the the
Waki report implemented, whether The Hague, or a local tribunal.

December 17, 2008 is near and calling for quicker measures. Failure to do
so, Luis Moreno-Ocampo will be handed the envelope.

Slowly justice will reign and impunity will be history.


"I deeply hope that the horrors humanity has suffered during the 20th
century will serve us as a painful lesson, and that the creation of the
International Criminal Court will help us to prevent those atrocities from
being repeated in the future."
- Luis Moreno-Ocampo on the occasion of his
election as first Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court by the
Assembly of States Parties in New York on 22 April 2003.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008
Solio on Safari


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Monday, November 10, 2008
Kisumu goes Obama
This is a Bill Board of Barack Obama in Kisumu city, Kenya. Now he is president elect for the US, I wait for another one written BARACK OBAMA, US PRESIDENT...
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Tuesday, November 04, 2008
Obama’s win, Africa’s win and real change

Barak Obama scooped the US presidency Tuesday to become the first black president. He is the 44th president of the world’s super power. But what does his win mean to the African continent where his father came from?

The young Africans can now believe they can handle leadership and wave the continent to regain its identity washed down by wars, diseases and corruption. The relic mentality that old is gold as far as leadership is concerned is now in the dust bins. Africa will not manufacture neither old leaders like Omar Bongo of Gabon, nor dictators, constitutional manipulators reign, or, life presidents.  

For Kenya, it means short celebration for now, but also constitutional reform and transparency in all fronts. Possibly, the current president, Mwai Kibaki will not run for presidency. 

Kenya will be a US darling – mostly militarily.

So far, the infrastructure to western Kenya is being upgraded. Think of the tarmac road to Kogelo.

The wars in Somalia, Darfur and DRC will come to an end. The US will advance diplomacy to settle this continent. What will happen to the African Command?

Electoral commissions in this continent, have not only  a lesson but a role model. The tallying process should be fast and result released fast - not because of fear of violence, but a right to know the results on time.

Generally, we all now know that we can be successful once we follow the right steps and dedicated. 

His win will not mean roses, but mostly, political will and hope. 

Obama has done Africa proud, but Africa has to sort out its mess before eyeing the better foreign policies from Obama's government. Africa should also lower its expectations - change within. 

Bravo Africa!! Bravo Africa!! 

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WAPI 2: MC Straight
MC Straight dropin some from the Bible... Gospel Mcs now flaunt at WAPI...
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WAPI 2: Dance Project Uganda
Dance Project Uganda
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WAPI 2: Last lady MC of the day
Last lady MC of the day
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WAPI 2: The youngest
He hails from Kisenyi, a slum near the
Kampala's CBD. He was the youngest 
performer that evening. He sang a 
ragga song... Good Kid.
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WAPI 2: MC Racheal
MC Racheal hitting fashion designer with questions
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Sunset: Ntinda 3
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Sunset: Ntinda 2
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Sunset: Ntinda 1
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WAPI 1: B-Boying/B-girling 1
B-Boying/B-girling by Uganda Dance Project
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WAPI 1: B-Boying/B-girling
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WAPI 1: Fashion
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WAPI 1: Extra Mile
Extra Mile...
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WAPI 1: Coin and Bear
Coin and Bear dropping a joint. The use a Buganda- West coast beat but flaunt in Luganda. 
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WAPI 1: Sylvester
Sylvester of Sylvester and Abrams hiphop group.
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WAPI 1: Sylvester and Magu
LEFT TO WRITE: Sylvester of Sylvester and Abrams Hiphop group, talking to Dennis Magu, CEO Yo Enterprise.
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WAPI 1: Painting
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Sunday, November 02, 2008
Do you know of stubborn corpses?
It might sound strange, or even against science, but here is the story of stubborn corpses that “have minds to decide.” Read more

Adopted from The East African Standard, 03rd Nov, 2008.
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