Tuesday, June 29, 2010
The Media and Raila's health

It was remarkable to see the media report the details of what hospitalized the Prime Minister Raila Odinga yesterday.

Dr Livingston Oluoch – Olunya, a neurosurgeon at Nairobi Hospital tasked himself to explain the intricacies of minor surgery to end intermittent headache (subdural hematoma) the Prime Minister has been battling with for a few weeks. The media picked up this story and reported it. This is the best way to lessen panic and rumours in a "civilized" Kenya.

During President Daniel Toroitich arap Moi's rule, this was unheard of. He was hospitalized severally but the nation was kept in the dark. State House then used to inform the nation that he is in a “stable condition” with no further detail. I remember one time; the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation television replayed some clips where the president was officiating just to lessen the panic in the nation.

The change today means that the government is taking responsibility to inform the nation of what is taking place because be it the president, or the prime minister, the nation should be kept not only on the know, but on the better know.

Congratulations to the media for a commendable job.
*Photo/Nation Kenya

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Chirbit | Share audio easily | ombui | Fistula 1
Chirbit | Share audio easily | ombui | Fistula 1

Fistula in Kenya remains a challenge amongst women...
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010
KBC Managing Director, and Corporation's Secretary suspended
The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation’s Managing Director, and Corporation’s Secretary were suspended Wednesday over allegations of impropriety.

In a statement read by the board chair, Charles Muoki, the two, David Waweru and Hezekiel Oira were suspended indefinitely to allow independent investigations into money spent to get the World Cup rights, and how the rights were shared with other media houses.

The board never gave clear details of “impropriety” and when the investigations are expected to end, but went ahead to appoint the Editor-in-Chief, Waithaka Waihenya, as the acting Managing Director. On the other hand, Finance and Administration Manager, Musa Muthambi is to oversee duties of the Corporation Secretary.

David Waweru’s second contract was renewed August 3rd, 2009. Hezekiel Oira started working for the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation in 1993 as a legal officer and rose up the ranks.

Waithaka Waihenya joined KBC in 2007 after working with The Standard Newspaper as an editor. He is an award winning journalist and author, and a columnist for The Guardian, a UK Newspaper.

On the corridors of KBC, the move by the board seems not to make positive impact. They believe an overhaul should have been done to clean out inconsistencies that have tied the national broadcaster at the opposite edge of excellence.


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Prisoners is Kenya can now vote
You can cast your vote even when behind bars in Kenya.

The High Court ruled Wednesday that prisoners be allowed to vote in the forth coming constitutional referendum.

A bench of five judges also asked the Independent Interim Electoral Commission and relevant authorities to facilitate the inmates to participate in the vote.

Only inmates with sound mind, above 18 years of age and with identification cards will be allowed to register for the referendum.

The Kenyan prisons has more than 50,000 prisoners.

Experts continue to raise questions, if the inmates that don’t have identification cards but meet the 18 years of age requirement will be issued with identity cards too, and allowed to register. Others are questioning whether the Committee of Experts on Constitutional Review will be given room to conduct civic education in cells or prisons having in mind that Kenya has less than two months to have the referendum slated for August 4th, 2010.
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