Sunday, January 27, 2008
Kenya blow 1

The killings in Rwanda in 1994 amounted close to a million, and thousands were displaced, but the United Nation(UN) was too slow to act under the leadership of Kofi Annan. A political situation that was discriminatory against the “bad guys” who were once brothers. Tutsis went for Hutus heads and Hutus did the same for Tutsis.

It is noted that arsenal support to the mentioned tribes were from without as far as Europe and so on. All that was lodged from a thinking that super influence is by spilling blood.

Yes, the war ended but lives lost were, are and will be irreversible.

Come 2008, it is not Rwanda again but Kenya, a country that is to commemorate its 45th anniversary since “independence” from the British in 1963.

Kenya formed in the spirit of peace, love and unity has hit a political quagmire; hostility, hate and disarray defines the present situation caused by electoral rigging and unconstitutional swearing in of the president.

So far close to a half a million are congested in refugee camps within Kenya and in Uganda while Kenya Police and vigilantes have killed more than seven hundred citizens. The families in the refugee camps are living miserably and even after the camps they will languish in poverty because their properties are flattened into ashes or in the looters’ bellies.

A month is getting done and nothing jump-starts Kenyaness; No ray of hope. Reverend Desmond Tutu of South Africa; President John Kofuor of Ghana as well as the President of African Union; Jendayi Frazier, US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs; and a team of retired presidents of Africa led by Joachim Chisano failed to organise a dialogue between Hon. Mwai Kibaki and Hon. Raila Odinga. They did good talking to deaf ears as Kenyans bled.

In contrast, former UN general-secretary, Kofi Annan succeeds in making Kibaki and Raila greet each other for the first time since before elections but their body language suggested something else.

Kofi Annan’s visit is the last straw to Kenya’s redemption or downfall. European Union(EU) and US are set to deny Kenya aid and sanction it incase nothing of great crux is reached. The Kibaki’s finance minister, Amos Kimunya and the government spokesperson, Alfred Mutua ululate that “…aid cut is rubbish,” rest assured that no one in their family pained by any situation.

Zimbabwe is a good lesson to Kenya when it comes to sanctions because it is the people “you and me” that suffer incase Kenya is sanctioned. Kibaki will get what ever he wants using government budget just like Robert Mugabe, even if inflation supersedes 5,000 percent.

But why is the International community taking so long? Do we need to be like Rwanda? The Nakuru incidences are mere revenge. Is the issue a tribe…I don’t think so…the point is that elections were doctored by a few individuals not a tribe or community. And some politicians are using this tribe overtone to advance their “might.”

When Kenya is in fiasco who benefits?
This means that our economy will suffocate and it will depend funding from “donors” and citizens will be taxed highly to servicing aid. The more time Kenyans waste in refugee camps and destroying wealth, the more subservient they become to the West or East. A weak economy is equivalent to voicelessness, and no political say internationally.

Terrorism activities will thrive. Training or attacks can be facilitated without check after all Kenya’s security and intelligence is focused on lessening tension countrywide and protecting Kibaki in power. No intense surveillance is on the boarders, ports and airports.

Neighbouring states are beckoning to investors as alternatives. Uganda is sweet talking Tanzania to revamp Tanga- Mutukula Road and railway since the Northern Corridor(Mombasa-Kampala road) is being eaten by mistakes of an economic giant in a region. Remember before elections that more than 25,000 Asians, even the ones with Kenyan citizenship fled to Tanzania because of speculations of elections’ violence…are they back? What about those who fled after the violence broke?

Revenue sources are becoming scanty mainly on the exports. Kenya’s exports will drop from 67% to Uganda because measures being set for it not to be caught unaware like this year where supplies/inputs to her industries and imports of petroleum products were stopped because of the bad political situation in Kenya. Other countries like Rwanda and Burundi are now moving their eyes somewhere else too. The figure of revenue lost due to skirmishes in Kenya is huge and not the $ 30 million per day that economists say.

The fact is that even if the violence stops today, Kenya has back-stepped too much in less than a month but it will take it more than two years to fix its economic mess. Social mess will take more than a half a decade to be polished depending also on unfolding events before the next elections. Politically, Kenya’s democracy seems to be at the edge of the drainage but it will be catapulted to a much better level than most nations in the world once the current crises are solved.

The only antidote to the prevailing situation in Kenya is KENYANESS…We have to act in the spirit of peace, love and unity that translates to justice. Care for KENYA because if you destroy it no one will build it for you for free…you will be a slave.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008
Kapsabet Video 4
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Kapsabet video 3
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Kapsabet Video 2
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Kapsabet video 1
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Kapsabet requiem
Time proves unredeemable as Kenya deteriorates. Kenyans are now different: colour, language, thoughts and even the oxygen they inhale and carbon dioxide the exhale.

Post election violence in Kenya deformed the country including Kapsabet, a small town in the Rift Valley province that sings the requiem but did not feature in the media reports.

In this town, more than 15,000 Kenyans became homeless and properties were destroyed. These properties do not include the $30 dollars that Kenya does not capture as taxes since late December 2007.

It will take decades for love to grow in this small town.

Here are the pictures.

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Monday, January 14, 2008
I am sitting here, wondering what happened to the once beautiful, peaceful country that I call HOME. This WAS home when I was born, and I loved the aroma of the country, the green rolling plains and valleys. I loved the people who sweetly passed me from arms to arms, as they all gazed on this little Kevin, all saying… "He is so tiny… so cute... can I hold him for a while?”

I grew up and loved my schools, the children I met, sat with, played soccer with plastic bags tied together using sisal rope, so tight it was, we could play it for a whole month before "repair”. I loved the high schools, the places that taught me to stand on my own feet. The teachers at boarding school paced up and down the class daily to impart knowledge. Kenya was my HOME as I grew up, singing the national anthem whenever we raised the flag in our school, which was twice a week, Monday and Friday.

Kenya IS my home now, as I watch it burn, when the same people that carried me as a baby, taking me from my Mother as she watched them hold me in turns, several people that I so loved being near, who gave my Mum such a relief whenever they helped nurture me, these same friends are now foes burning each others' houses down.

December 27th 2007 , these same people, who sat down and ate together, line up in long winding lines, to vote for a president to this beloved country that I call HOME. There are no tribes, just lines and lines of KENYANS. The day was long and tiring, but the wait is worth it. After that, all hell breaks loose. There were no more Kenyans, there were Mijikenda, Luhya, Luo, Kamba, Kikuyu, Kisii, Kalenjin, Kalenjin, Eteker (Turkana, Pokot, Samburu and Maasai) and a host of so many other tribes that I may not finish here, because my teacher once taught me in that small classroom with paneless windows, that there are around 42 tribes in Kenya, and in that class more than half of these tribes were represented.

In exactly one week, from the culmination of the election, more than 250,000 KENYANS are refugees in their own country, more than 600 other KENYANS are piled up in the morgues, several thousands find a way into Uganda, and one needs to virtually cross the border into Uganda to fly into another part of Kenya!

My brother had to travel to the capital Nairobi and this is exactly what he did, and I am not proud of that…

The politicians sit in Nairobi with their choppers and bulletproof cars, with tight security detail; a normal Kenyan spends the day in their house, not knowing what to do. No food, no water, no communication as phone credits go up by 70-100%, and all transport means are grounded because some mean-looking men with bloodshot eyes will stop your vehicle, ask for your IDs before sifting through for the WRONG tribe, and then letting the RIGHT tribes pass. No ONE wants to know what happens to the WRONG tribe.

In all this pandemonium, some government officials can still say we don’t need mediators, and the country is not having a problem. Where does he live? Can’t he even afford a TV? Another one says that the international media was wrong to show pictures of horrific murders that occurred, I say why not, politicians have to answer for the dead citizens…time is with us.

Before Kenya belonged to any politicians, it was mine, simply because I decide which Kenyans get into government or into parliament. Before anyone can decide to burn my country or sit idle as the country burns, KENYA IS MINE. Before there were tribes, the common denominator, apart from the human factor, is that we are KENYAN. What kind of politics is this that leads to deaths and suffering? KENYA IS MINE because I will not stand and watch it burn. I will take the war back to the politicians because it is them who are burning MY KENYA. It is them who are killing my fellow KENYANS. It is them who have made my fellow KENYANS refugees in their own land, without food, without shelter. The politicians burnt KENYANS in a church.

The future of KENYA is mine to decide, and I will, if I get other KENYANS, who don’t see the tribal element, but the true spirit of KENYA, the patriotism that our leaders have so evidently lacked. If you love my country, like I love my country, even if you are not from my country, you are more KENYAN that the political assassins who watch as Kenya’s 44 years are quickly tuned to ashes. If you are there and you are KENYAN, either by birth or by the feeling of the dire need for peace, stand up with me and help me reclaim KENYA from the politicians, help me do this by holding my hand and proclaim… "KENYA IS MINE"...May we dwell in unity peace and liberty plenty be found within our borders... (Part of our national anthem).

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Monday, January 07, 2008
Odinga rejects coalition call
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Thursday, January 03, 2008
Who won?
Emilio Mwai Kibaki might have won the recently concluded elections and sworn in immediately as a president of the republic of Kenya, but let us put simple thinking into use.

The history of voting as an arm of democracy proves that voters make choices. The choices are about parties; one party. This means, a party is voted all through in the councillorship, legislative position and the presidency. Having that in mind, Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) announced Kibaki as a victor with 4.5 million votes tagged with 36 seats in parliament. Raila Odinga had 96 seats in parliament that translated to 4.3 million.

It is now clear that, Kibaki had much lower than what has been announced. If Kibaki had at least 70-80 seats there would be a possibility of beating Raila considering the difference of population concentration in various regions. In this case, 36 seats whatsoever would not have reached even 4.5 million votes if it is not through rigging.

The resignation of four ECK commissioners too explained the magnitude of irregularities that are impassable. The EU monitors and the Commonwealth observers agree that malpractices were huge.

Kibaki should not cling to the notion that he won, yet, his 21 ministers’ losts seats to other parties lowering not only his strength but also the votes substantially. What does he learn from the remaining 6 ministers?

Riots countrywide are a sign of dissatisfaction of the citizens about the role of ECK in the previous elections. As a disappointment, Kenya army and Kenya Police have so far shot dead more than 200 fellow citizens. Was there shoot on site order?

Kenya at the moment has more danger even after these skirmishes. Notably is the undercurrent of terrorism that must have taken advantage of this confusion in the country and the divisions of Kenyans in tribal lines. Majimbo too, will not work in the near future of Kenya because everyone is extra sensitive due to the nasty experiences of having relatives or friends killed, property destroyed and people internally displaced.

These calls for urgency for psychological rehabilitation of Kenyans due to the anarchy witnessed. The Media on the other hand, should hasten the preaching of nationalism, respect of human rights, tolerance and mutual co-existence.

African leaders in the continent have a lesson that, when citizens want a leader out, no matter how the votes are doctored. Africans no longer waste time in slumberland; they tallying.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
What does ODINGA swearing in mean?

Kenya is becoming more unpredictable not only by her citizens but also the international community.

The announcement of Mwai Kibaki as the new president of Kenya resulted to eruption of violence country wide. According to Red Cross- Kenya, 135 people are dead and their bodies have bullet wounds.

In Kisumu city and other towns in the country, the military has been sent to calm the situation.

This morning, the media reports say that Gordon Brown has spoke with Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga to calm their supporters from being rowdy but some supporters say they have to fight to the end.

Raila Odinga too wants Mwai Kibaki to accept that he lost the elections for any dialogue to commence waiting to be sworn in at Uhuru Park on Thursday. He has pleaded with Kenyans to come in huge numbers.

What does ODINGA swearing in mean?

Does it mean two presidents in a country? Does it mean Kibaki will step down before Thursday? If Kibaki steps down, will he be interested of being an MP of Othaya? Does it mean that Raila supporters will be allowed to move to Uhuru Park yet there is heavily armed security persons? After the Swearing in Raila where will he go to: Statehouse, his house or jail? Will it mean that calm will prevail instantly?

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Kenya unrest, Uganda fuel prices shoots

The sore grapes of unrest in Kenya are felt far beyond her borders.

The prices of petroleum products have inflated simultaneously in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo.

In Uganda in particular, a litre of petrol or diesel costs Ushs. 5,000. Before the closure of Uganda-Kenya border from 27th December, 2007, a litre of petrol was less than Ushs. 2,500.

It is also reported that other petrol stations in the country have no fuel.

Uganda depends solely on Kenya roads for majority of her imports.

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