Monday, August 27, 2007
Corrupt; utumishi kwa wote
'Utumishi kwa wote' (Service to all), I mean the Kenyan Police was named the most corrupt entity in Kenya. The research done by an independent body, Transparency International did not surprise Kenyans, but hurt them.

Few days later, Police’s public relations officer said, when they say Police is the most corrupt, it means that it is both the police and the people who are corrupt because of the interaction. This points directly to you and me the citizen.

In this reign of capitalism, many only think of how better they can gratify self. I am not against your development but obtain it in the best way, the right way.

Today, most bribes are in form of cash meaning both the p
oor and the rich can bribe any system in order to survive razor government laws or have something illegally or have something faster.

Have we been bribing or have we been not bribing and stand by what the law says? It is a self searching question but how do we start fighting corruption in our society and later overcome it?

First and foremost you/ I should rekindle the love for our country. I know one or two things must have gone wrong and making you wounded, but you are the source of change. Stand up and put the nation in your heart and look at all that you do should have positive effect to other citizens.

Leading by example, by not giving and receiving bribes at anytime or wherever you are.

Also teach others on how they can stop and how adverse it is to bribe. Let them know what the law of the nation says and how they can be part in effecting the law.

Reporting corruption cases and incidences too, is valued. For example, if you see a Police officer asking or receiving bribe note the Police officers Registration number and report to relevant anti- corruption authorities or anti- corruption Non- governmental organisations.

I know you can have many and better ways we can stop corruption.

But who should be the most corrupt anyway? Let us fight to make our society corruption free, let us be 'utumishi kwa wote.'
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