Tuesday, June 29, 2010
The Media and Raila's health

It was remarkable to see the media report the details of what hospitalized the Prime Minister Raila Odinga yesterday.

Dr Livingston Oluoch – Olunya, a neurosurgeon at Nairobi Hospital tasked himself to explain the intricacies of minor surgery to end intermittent headache (subdural hematoma) the Prime Minister has been battling with for a few weeks. The media picked up this story and reported it. This is the best way to lessen panic and rumours in a "civilized" Kenya.

During President Daniel Toroitich arap Moi's rule, this was unheard of. He was hospitalized severally but the nation was kept in the dark. State House then used to inform the nation that he is in a “stable condition” with no further detail. I remember one time; the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation television replayed some clips where the president was officiating just to lessen the panic in the nation.

The change today means that the government is taking responsibility to inform the nation of what is taking place because be it the president, or the prime minister, the nation should be kept not only on the know, but on the better know.

Congratulations to the media for a commendable job.
*Photo/Nation Kenya

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