Sunday, January 27, 2008
Kenya blow 1

The killings in Rwanda in 1994 amounted close to a million, and thousands were displaced, but the United Nation(UN) was too slow to act under the leadership of Kofi Annan. A political situation that was discriminatory against the “bad guys” who were once brothers. Tutsis went for Hutus heads and Hutus did the same for Tutsis.

It is noted that arsenal support to the mentioned tribes were from without as far as Europe and so on. All that was lodged from a thinking that super influence is by spilling blood.

Yes, the war ended but lives lost were, are and will be irreversible.

Come 2008, it is not Rwanda again but Kenya, a country that is to commemorate its 45th anniversary since “independence” from the British in 1963.

Kenya formed in the spirit of peace, love and unity has hit a political quagmire; hostility, hate and disarray defines the present situation caused by electoral rigging and unconstitutional swearing in of the president.

So far close to a half a million are congested in refugee camps within Kenya and in Uganda while Kenya Police and vigilantes have killed more than seven hundred citizens. The families in the refugee camps are living miserably and even after the camps they will languish in poverty because their properties are flattened into ashes or in the looters’ bellies.

A month is getting done and nothing jump-starts Kenyaness; No ray of hope. Reverend Desmond Tutu of South Africa; President John Kofuor of Ghana as well as the President of African Union; Jendayi Frazier, US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs; and a team of retired presidents of Africa led by Joachim Chisano failed to organise a dialogue between Hon. Mwai Kibaki and Hon. Raila Odinga. They did good talking to deaf ears as Kenyans bled.

In contrast, former UN general-secretary, Kofi Annan succeeds in making Kibaki and Raila greet each other for the first time since before elections but their body language suggested something else.

Kofi Annan’s visit is the last straw to Kenya’s redemption or downfall. European Union(EU) and US are set to deny Kenya aid and sanction it incase nothing of great crux is reached. The Kibaki’s finance minister, Amos Kimunya and the government spokesperson, Alfred Mutua ululate that “…aid cut is rubbish,” rest assured that no one in their family pained by any situation.

Zimbabwe is a good lesson to Kenya when it comes to sanctions because it is the people “you and me” that suffer incase Kenya is sanctioned. Kibaki will get what ever he wants using government budget just like Robert Mugabe, even if inflation supersedes 5,000 percent.

But why is the International community taking so long? Do we need to be like Rwanda? The Nakuru incidences are mere revenge. Is the issue a tribe…I don’t think so…the point is that elections were doctored by a few individuals not a tribe or community. And some politicians are using this tribe overtone to advance their “might.”

When Kenya is in fiasco who benefits?
This means that our economy will suffocate and it will depend funding from “donors” and citizens will be taxed highly to servicing aid. The more time Kenyans waste in refugee camps and destroying wealth, the more subservient they become to the West or East. A weak economy is equivalent to voicelessness, and no political say internationally.

Terrorism activities will thrive. Training or attacks can be facilitated without check after all Kenya’s security and intelligence is focused on lessening tension countrywide and protecting Kibaki in power. No intense surveillance is on the boarders, ports and airports.

Neighbouring states are beckoning to investors as alternatives. Uganda is sweet talking Tanzania to revamp Tanga- Mutukula Road and railway since the Northern Corridor(Mombasa-Kampala road) is being eaten by mistakes of an economic giant in a region. Remember before elections that more than 25,000 Asians, even the ones with Kenyan citizenship fled to Tanzania because of speculations of elections’ violence…are they back? What about those who fled after the violence broke?

Revenue sources are becoming scanty mainly on the exports. Kenya’s exports will drop from 67% to Uganda because measures being set for it not to be caught unaware like this year where supplies/inputs to her industries and imports of petroleum products were stopped because of the bad political situation in Kenya. Other countries like Rwanda and Burundi are now moving their eyes somewhere else too. The figure of revenue lost due to skirmishes in Kenya is huge and not the $ 30 million per day that economists say.

The fact is that even if the violence stops today, Kenya has back-stepped too much in less than a month but it will take it more than two years to fix its economic mess. Social mess will take more than a half a decade to be polished depending also on unfolding events before the next elections. Politically, Kenya’s democracy seems to be at the edge of the drainage but it will be catapulted to a much better level than most nations in the world once the current crises are solved.

The only antidote to the prevailing situation in Kenya is KENYANESS…We have to act in the spirit of peace, love and unity that translates to justice. Care for KENYA because if you destroy it no one will build it for you for free…you will be a slave.

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