Tuesday, November 04, 2008
Obama’s win, Africa’s win and real change

Barak Obama scooped the US presidency Tuesday to become the first black president. He is the 44th president of the world’s super power. But what does his win mean to the African continent where his father came from?

The young Africans can now believe they can handle leadership and wave the continent to regain its identity washed down by wars, diseases and corruption. The relic mentality that old is gold as far as leadership is concerned is now in the dust bins. Africa will not manufacture neither old leaders like Omar Bongo of Gabon, nor dictators, constitutional manipulators reign, or, life presidents.  

For Kenya, it means short celebration for now, but also constitutional reform and transparency in all fronts. Possibly, the current president, Mwai Kibaki will not run for presidency. 

Kenya will be a US darling – mostly militarily.

So far, the infrastructure to western Kenya is being upgraded. Think of the tarmac road to Kogelo.

The wars in Somalia, Darfur and DRC will come to an end. The US will advance diplomacy to settle this continent. What will happen to the African Command?

Electoral commissions in this continent, have not only  a lesson but a role model. The tallying process should be fast and result released fast - not because of fear of violence, but a right to know the results on time.

Generally, we all now know that we can be successful once we follow the right steps and dedicated. 

His win will not mean roses, but mostly, political will and hope. 

Obama has done Africa proud, but Africa has to sort out its mess before eyeing the better foreign policies from Obama's government. Africa should also lower its expectations - change within. 

Bravo Africa!! Bravo Africa!! 

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  • At 1:25 AM, Anonymous tumwijuke

    With the credit crunch, the fall of the dollar, the housing crisis, the war in Iraq, the 'war on terror', falling US school standards, rising household poverty in America, tense relationships with North Korea, Russia, Iran, Bolivia, Venezuela (the whole world really), global warming, stalled WTO negotiations ... you honestly believe Obama can do anything about Darfur, Somalia or Kenya?

    Dude, wake up and smell the Yankee in Obama. He's American. 100%. Africa is but an annoying trouble spot in their eyes.

    But I can't convince you of that. Time will bear me out.

  • At 9:28 PM, Blogger ombui

    Obama has started commenting about DRC...I just don't know what he has for Dmitry Medvedev congratulating him at the same time deploying Iskander short-range missiles in Kaliningrad...Medvedev is timely

  • At 1:42 PM, Blogger Dad Mzungu

    Barak Obama is half Kenyan, half American by birht and 100% American by upbringing, not by his father, but by his American famimly.
    The link of Obama to Kenya is, to say the least, tenuous.
    Please don't get hopes up too high. He has a lot to do, clearing up the mess caused by his predecesor before he looks to the country of his father's origin.