Monday, September 18, 2006
My love for 'Bodas' threatened
The Monday morning was so good after waking up early as 5:30am to prepare to move to the studio [107 Campus FM].

The intention was to avoid putting on unironed shirt and trousers. The fact is that black-outs in Kampala have been so rampant and unscheduled. So getting early at the Studio would give me ample time to edit 2 videos that my friend had given me some 2 months back.

10 Minute to 7am, I said bye to my cousin as I slamed my room's door. Out I am on one of the dusty roads of Kampala. One funny thing is that though it rains in Kampala heavily, the following day will be dusty road just as before it rained because of too much traffic.

A few metres to the bodaboda, I pass a man urinating beside the road but I had to mind my business. When I reached near the Mororbike, the man I had passed urinating came shouting "Ogenda Ssebo?"(Are you going Mister?).

"Yee Ssebo", (Yes, Sir) as I swang my leg across the seater to sit, a by-stander near the Boda asked the old man bobaboda cyclist if he has the change. But he shook his head vigourously as a sign saying yes.

He rode the bike through the 'kikumi kumi', Nsibirwa, Swimming pool road and lastly the Senate Building. So, I came off the Boda and flashed Ush.1000 note. The short grey-haired cyclist pointed his sharp eyes to men and said "Sirina chengi, sirina chengi!!"

I held my breath and moved to Mitchell Hall slowly to get some change of two five hundreds.Thank God that I got the change and came and gave the cyclist.

My trouble is that some of the Bodaboda cyclists are not sensible enough. Yes, they are looking for money for survival but why be hush to passengers. I mean, we pay for the services.

By the way am reconsidering if I should continue using the Bodabodas.
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  • At 7:12 AM, Blogger countryboy

    oh poor,ja! u can't just disown boda-bodas like that. they just define the economy. & be a big guy, don't get threatened or those bugirls at...might think u r a coward. hahaha!!!!!!!!

  • At 2:32 AM, Blogger Stwap

    oh! A man urinating by da roadside?Bad Manners!!Bodaboda's still scare me..Thank God, These sides they aint heard...