Thursday, April 19, 2007
Is Artur X-file true?
Last year, Kenya experienced a heroic move by one of her sons John Githongo.

John Githongo, who is in exile in London,England, came up with recordings and other intricacies of the Anglo- leasing scam. In his recordings, the top government persons including Dr. Chris Murungaru, Moody Awori, David Mwiraria and Kiraitu Muringi were trying to persuade him not to continue with investigation that would reveal their role and the role of other technocrats in the scam.

It was at that time The Standard newspapers offices and its’ TV Kenya Television Network (KTN) was stormed by the “government sent”. Newspapers that were in printing process and for distribution were destroyed and KTN shut for few days.

Among the “government sent” the brothers Margaryan Artur and Sargaryan Artur from Armenia were present.

Few days later, after March 2006, The Arturs link to The Standard raid surfaced at the Kiruki's Commission hearings when it became evident that some material belonging to KTN, including video tapes, were found at their Runda residence.

What is Githongo’s motive?
The motive and intention of John Githongo were to make the ills of the NARC- Kenya and former Kenya African of National Union (KANU) government very much available to the citizens of Kenya.All attempts by him to make the truth to come out was sabotaged by the NARC-Kenya because they had a big share of the scam began by KANU regime.

Though silence the silence of the former anti-corruption chief, John Githongo is not thought of and talked about. Is it a sign that the right time to sue the involved is drawing near?

Artur X-files
This year, the close allies to Kibaki’s government have revealed that they will release a book called the Artur X-files.

The “Artur X-files” is centered on the gifts and the money gave to the bigger and more flamboyant helped the Artur brothers stay around and do business.

Margaryan Artur says that the book "will put the ministers to utter shame, even if they don’t resign."

In an interview with the The Standard Margaryan says, "I didn’t leave anything to chance, so I recorded them (ministers)... They can be seen as they come and go and (sic) I give them money; I’m not kidding about this one, it is all on tape."

As many people wait for the book to come out, Kibaki’s government is in tension and plotting on ways to refuse and paint itself clean. I will not wonder when kibaki’s government claims that the Artur recordings to be fake or prepare a Parliamentary Select Committee to meet the Artur wherever they might be to confirm the clarity of the recordings. This will be only to kill time and fool the nation that something is being done "Kiruki's Commission".

Now as I write, Margaryan says that he is madly in love with Winnie Wangui Mwai who is the daughter to Political Activist Mrs. Mary Wambui, but I ask if the marriage political to calm the Margaryan or to help the Artur’s to have a better foot in Kenya? Does this tell us something of whom the Arturs’ are dealing with?

Is the Artur X- file true? To test the truth in book is not easy but let the book be printed and made available to Kenyans. Kenyans are the ones to tell if what is written in book meet the ‘independent investigations’ and evidences. Afterwards followed by prosecutions.
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    Githongo Calls on Wolfowitz to Resign

    WASHINGTON, D.C., April 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Asserting that Western admonitions about corruption to Africa and other developing regions are undermined by the misbehaviour of World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz, Kenya’s former permanent secretary for ethics and governance, Dr. John Githongo, has called on Wolfowitz to resign his post.

    “Corruption in Western capitals and in international financial institutions can do little but fuel the cynicism of corrupt officials in Africa and elsewhere,” said Githongo in a statement prepared for the news media. “When Paul Wolfowitz uses his influence as a US Government official and as president of the World Bank to fill the purse of his paramour (and, by inference, to line his own pockets as well), one can hear the cackling from state houses and presidential palaces all across Africa.”

    Githongo said: “Paul Wolfowitz should resign now, before his poor example and bad judgment are emulated by petty dictators and venal middle managers throughout the developing world.”

    He added: “Wolfowitz, of all people, should know better than to use his office for enrichment. He should be ashamed of himself.”

    Since being forced into exile by a hostile political climate in his native Kenya, John Githongo has been a fellow at St. Antony’s College at Oxford University. In February, he accepted an appointment at Queen’s University in Ontario as a research fellow at the International Development Research Centre, where he is collaborating on a major research initiative on Ethnicity and Democratic Governance.

    For further information, contact John Githongo at

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    Well written article.