Thursday, August 07, 2008
My first BHH
My desire to attend BHH had been shuttered twice. The first time was 17th July because I wasn’t sure. The second time was 24th July when CB confirmed 31st July to be correct.

A Thursday evening, CB, DMG, T and I strode through the ever open gates of Makerere University and connected two taxis to Efendy Restaurant on Jinja road, Kampala.

We located where the bloggers were. They got excited to see CB, but scared to see three others with bags. Brief introduction didn’t help at all, bloggers glued mostly to persons they knew even after we shifted to another table.

DMG stuck with T; Dn stuck with Ruth; The dying communist got two ladies; DA was a ‘freelancer’ to stir the idle ones; and I was with CB.

Chit chats went on and on while others turned the restaurant into a photo studio or scenery park. Camera flashes and phone camera clicks rhythmically blended with the oldies music kicks and mixes.

Shortly after 9pm, I expected an organised discussion to kick off but small talks minimised just because bloggers were bidding bye to each other.

DA came over and I vomited my experience and expectations from BHH. We later engaged ourselves on what makes a good blogger more so in sparking change or development in the community.

Time to go clocked yet DMG and CB hadn’t got their change. We bounced to the counter after repeated neglect from a waiter. Before the cashier they demanded for their change pulling an audience of waiters, the manager and even cooks.

I moved close to the entrance not be the Kanyama, but to be off workers at Efendy that were failing get simple addition mathematics and accept their mistakes.
They later accepted to hand-in the change when DMG and CB proved to have understood the simple primary 4 maths and CB hinted of his paparazzism.

In the next BBH, I guess DMG and CB will carry coins for eased purchases. A collective discussion too will be held.

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