Sunday, November 30, 2008
World Aids Day '08: Encouragement to test
It is the 20th commemoration of the World Aids Day, a day when individuals,
organisations and governments, revisit and re-echo the fight against the

This day dawns, as the Kenyan government say that 80 percent of its
population is not tested, and more than a million infected Kenyans are
unaware that they HIV-positive.

But how is Kenya and the world to ensure that its citizens test
undiscriminatively to curb the disease?

Universal testing for HIV/AIDS seem a better decision, but legal, or ethical
battles are unconsidered so far.

Last year, this blog called for prosecution of swindlers of HIV/AIDS
funding. To date, the prosecutions in East African region are still slow and

We also think of the one of the heroes, Philly Bongole Lutaya, the first
Ugandan and African musician to declare he was infected with HIV/AIDS. His
action not only encouraged many Ugandans to run for the test, but also
gave/still give hope to the infected and affected.

A step to test today, is an encouragement to others, for the better of us

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