Saturday, March 07, 2009
Women’s Day, a dedication to ladies in the media fraternity

Through the week the media was shouting hard in publicizing and sharing experiences of women, but forgot its.

International Women's Day (IWD) annually celebrated on 9th March only was/is an item for all media outlets. Not even one highlighted on the economic, political and social achievements of female journalists, or challenges they face.

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation where I work, by a guess, has more women, but bossed by men in most departments. This is not different from other private media.

I take this opportunity to thank women for their professionalism. I figure them holding cameras like Maria Wamala of The New Vision; deejaying like Ann Lemaiyan of KBC (my mentor), or Talia Oyando of QFM - Kenya; editing like Ferial Haffajee of The Mail and Guardian of South Africa; anchoring like Lyse Doucet of BBC; reporting like Yvonne Ndege of Al Jazeera, directing, marketing, or even administrating departments, or houses and so on. They do it all.

Now, can IWD become a public holiday in Kenya just like in China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria? Can magazines write on female reporters too, not only the female anchors? Can journalist also report on female journalists?

Happy IWD ladies and gentlemen.

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