Sunday, August 10, 2008
The nuisance of SMS adverts...Invasion of privacy

Day to day, my phone vibrates so hard only to check is an advert SMS from an agent or company.

It reads, JVC Radio winner: 0782 XXX XXX and 0752 XXX XXX. SMS SHAGGY to 09X XXX XXX. NOW to enter draw! More prices: JVC radios & Ticket.” The sender was SHAGGY.

As I put my phone back to my pocket another SMS drops into the inbox. Checking again it is an advert.

“WEFUNIRE OMUKISA! Tiketi 50 zakuwangulwa buli week okulaba omuyimbi naninku SWEET KID nga 7 September ku Didi’s world. Wandika KID usindike ku 8008.” The sender was SWEET KID

These adverts SMS’ range from music launches to beer rebrands and lottery. To a surprise the senders’ numbers are customised for instance SHAGGY and SWEET KID. MTN so far is conniving in vending subscribers phone lines to advertisers because its SMS centre number is in play, +256 77 110002.

All these are happening in Africa just because there are no consumer protection laws, or, in simple terms, invasion of privacy is no issue to telephone corporate and Uganda Communication Commission.

I don’t mind the tapings of calls and SMS scrutiny, or, surveillances by intelligence organs. I just wonder if they withstand my deep romantic talk with my girlfriend. They highly hope my love exchanges twist into terror information to value their taping. By the way, do they tape conversations of almost 3 million subscribers or it is for suspicious persons?

So MTN should know that, if I need any information be it gossip, forex and entertainment, movies, television schedules, radio stations, inspiration... I will pay for it, but not to forcefully send information to my phone.

The only exception will be information valid for all subscribers for instance change of services or tariffs.

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  • At 7:47 AM, Blogger Όstalgia

    this morning, i got this txt from a +255... First top up ksh500 and talk 21 days FREE,From (7st -30st)To activate press *140*452*0712 301 261#then press Ok button. Safaricom the better option!

    the oldest trick in the book is... these things always have a spelling issue somewhere ? this one needs go go back to class really bad!!! 7st - 30st?

  • At 4:10 AM, Blogger eddiie

    Well, i got one this morning too;reading:

    Action starts this Saturday with a fully connected GTV set & enjoy in the confort of your home! Just type GTV & send to 0902009777 to enter the draw.. sender Premier Message centre +25677110002- date- 12-Aug-08- time- 12:26:20

    We must be lucky because we are in Africa. I mean,what could be hard for a killer trace you?

    Then are right.We paid to get into the Network and we did not sign any agreement that allows for such junk messages. Now why do they keep inconviniencing us?

    That part of tapping your girlfriends Txts and Calls? Men!!! we have no choice..these guys receive everything..

    I think we have lazy law firms in the country because somehow some one somewhere would have taken up this issue.

  • At 6:49 AM, Blogger eddiie

    iwas still leaving a commenthere and another one of those spam sms's it is..

    "Discover the secrets of love,passion and eroticism,send DATING to 0902044444 and receive romance guidlines daiy on your phone.18+, Helpline 0312261749:sender 0902044444....

    MTN? did we join your service to look for dates? Sh**t give us abreak!!!! especially me..