Sunday, March 22, 2009
Rat fight contest soon in Kenya

I had never thought weirdly than today - a rat contest.

This morning I was heading to work, but our Matatu driver saw it wise to turn off Thika Road and pass through Kariobangi, a suburb in Nairobi. So long as I reach town on time, I thought.

Everyone on board was in a jacket and a hood (head woolen sock) to beat the pinching cold at 3am. We were all mum. The only noise, was from the loose metals in that cab.

Later, the metals shook harder; an indication we were off the tarmac road. The dust rose from the rusty-holed points, more so underneath. At least we could peep through the misty-dusty window.

Three minutes in the rough road was horrific. My eyes swerved from the driver’s nape to a pane next to me. What I saw wasn’t real? (thinking aloud).

A huge and muscled rat was fighting the other for a piece of dirt-soaked piece of bread. I think each was more than 25cm long minus the tail with above 10cm height. The punches on each were heavy and the grip on the bread was too tight. The muscles bulged out. Let me not ask about if they are edible, only what make them too big?

In Kenya, we have bull fights, billy goat fights, also chicken/cock fights which are often publicized, and even reported about. I think, rat fights is on the way, just to maximize subjects set for such contests.

Yote yawezekana in Kenya.

*Yote yawekana is in Kiswahili and it means, all is possible.
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