Friday, May 01, 2009
Can digital voting avert violence in Kenya?
The Kenya Parliament made a great step Thursday by approving the membership of the Interim Independent Electoral Commission and asked it to be impartial.

The new team comes in headed for urgent tasks: voter registration, pending by-elections and a complete overhaul of the electoral system.

Its members include:
- Mr. Ahmed Issack Hassan - chairman
- Ms Winfred Guchu - Commissioner
- Mr.Douglas Mwashigadi - Commissioner
- Mr. Simiyu Abiud Wasike - Commissioner
- Mr. Tiyah Galgalo - Commissioner
- Ms. Hamara Ibrahim Adan - Commissioner
- Dr. Yusuf Nzibo - Commissioner
- Mr. Davis Chirchir - Commissioner
- Mr. Kenneth Nyaundi - Commissioner

One thing caught my eye in this proceeding, the Tourism minister Najib Balala called for a “digital voting system.” Is Kenya ready to go digital, and will it avert post election violence in Kenya?
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