Thursday, June 07, 2007
Your President?
A few minutes before I went out for lunch, a friend made a statement,

“Do you know that George Bush is the World’s President, Vladmir Putin being the World’s Vice President and Tony Blair its Prime minister?”

"So, what about the Kibaki of Kenya, Kikwete of Tanzania, Kaguta of Uganda or other African Presidents?" I asked.

“They are class monitors?” she lamented.

How do you rank you President?
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  • At 9:39 AM, Blogger Iwaya

    they're class monitors?!? that's priceless!!!

  • At 1:40 AM, Blogger S.A.G.E

    Give them more economic prowess like America gives Bush and i bet u on this one...they will contend.

  • At 2:26 AM, Blogger Fons

    He is big in his own country.And this is he measure.If he stays longer then he will be bigger for obvious reason.