Sunday, November 11, 2007
Kiboga: A feet from the City
Commonwealth Head of Governments Meeting (CHOGM) is here. The face of Kampala City has changed tremendously. At least some roads have been reconstructed and some re-carpeted. Hotels too, have mushroomed, and security officers are visible to ensure safety.

Last week, I decided to leave the "City Square" that is ready for CHOGM to tour Kiboga District, less than 100 kilometres from Kampala. The newly tarmacked road from Kampala to Hoima made my journey so smooth. The road was sandwiched with hills covered with vegetation and less activities beside the road.

Away from the city noise, congestion and an atmosphere less of oxygen, we drove off Hoima road through paths and I ended up in Lulongo Village in particular.

A village with a tiny trading centre of two shops with no electricity and one calling centre.

The inhabitants are a mixture of Buganda and Basongora Communities. I was informed that they all know each other because it is a small group.

A few metres, stands a protestant church made mud and thatched with grass. It serves as a school for the children on the weekdays. The school only accommodate pupils from primary one to four; above that level they walk three kilometres to get education.

I talked to the women and they poured out all their problems ranging from inaccessibility of health services to poverty. The children were smiling but their eyes did not hide pain and dissatisfaction.

Curisioty pressured me to ask if they new anything about CHOGM? The answers were summarised to “NO.”

Really, were there campaigns to make ordinary Ugandans know about CHOGM?

* A young girl who does not go to school because she has no money to buy school uniform.

*The only hope is my child.

*Have a bite.

* What an assembly.

*Take my picture.

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