Wednesday, May 06, 2009
Nakumatt Downtown: Forgotten deaths
Many days have passed and others will pass, and nothing substancial is to come out of the inquiry team over the deaths at Nakumatt Downtown Supermarket.

The unprecedented inferno killed close to 30 Kenyans, who even after, never reached their resting places so quick because of the sluggish DNA identification - afterall the bodies burnt beyond recognition. It was the worst Supermarket case in Kenya, which reported the emergency exits to have been locked, and even as the fire broke out, the main door was closed too to stop the buyers from moving out with unpaid for commodities.

Jesus Christ being a lover of all, the Nakumatt owners got saved few days after the inferno just like Kamlesh Patni - a goldenberg mastermind did after multiple inquiries into the saga. Anyway, Kenya forgets so quick and forgives once someone runs to the feet of the Lord.

Now life goes on and the cleared fire site serves as a packing lot. But unanswered questions won't pass - because after that a building oozed smoke to the atmosphere for the past two weeks or more on Kijabe Street. Thank God there were no injuries or deaths reported.

Grief and tears occupy relatives of the killed victims in Nakumatt, and they ask, how far with the fire investigations? how many exits were open? Is property important compaired to an emergency? Were the deaths inevitable? Are there charges to follow that?

For the Nairobi City Council, is Fire Brigade now well equiped?
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