Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Why Kenya National Human Rights Commission published the list of post poll chaos suspected master minder?

NAIROBI, Kenya - This month the Kenya National Human Rights Commission (KNHRC) unleashed a list of perpetrators of the post election violence but little did it anticipate the magnitude of the attack from the political circle.

Though the commission categorically stated that the named to be under investigation; it was blamed for carelessly publishing names without prove. So far, some of the named have threatened to sue the commission.

The list is a mix of Members of Parliament, former Members of Parliament and Businessmen.

But what is the significance of the KNHRC publishing names of what it calls master minders of the post poll chaos? Unless otherwise, I believe the published list is purely to give a soft landing to the WAKI LIST that the International Criminal Court, Chief Prosecutor, Moreno O’campo opened recently and tightly sealed again.

Last year after the disputed presidential poll results more than 1,500 citizens were killed and close to half a million were displaced within the country while a small percentage fled to Uganda. Today no one has been brought to book for the killings, rapes, looting and a fraction of internally displaced persons languish in camps.

The debate to reach justice spurs three options The Hague, the Special Local Tribunal and the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission. A close look suggests that all will be employed and for the better, the International Criminal Court will speed up its investigations and prosecutions to light its efficacy.

This week the appointed to serve in the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission will be sworn into office, and to be chaired by Ambassador Betwel Kiplagat.

Now the only struggle that the Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo face is to convince parliament that if the special local courts are set they will deliver justice and away interferences. On top of that work on the witness protection Act.

For the common Mwananchi, it will be proper to see the named in the Waki list resign from government and parliament to pave way for investigations or answer charges.

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